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Tuesday, 06 March 2012


The Jerk Store

It's good to see you still have my blog up. It's better to see that you're still at it.


This could have been avoided. Before you go to bed, brush and floss your damn teeth! And go for checkups. Dentists say every 6 months. But I brush and floss daily; and am able to get by with once a year.

Catlips Waller

Hi, my name is Catlips Waller and I had a tooth that hurt like that. My dentist said he saw a gray area in the roots and I needed a root canel. I went to a second opinion with an Oral surgeon. He said the same thing, with xray and a piece of cold ice that made me up out of the chair. I had a root canel on a 3 root tooth that had no caviety. After the extraction, my mouth was swollen and green, black and purple. The pain was horrible, the pain meds. worse. I threw up for days, the area got infected and I missed 5 weeks of school. Finally, after going back to the oral surgeon a third time and the dentist 2 times, the oral surgion said they would need to take out the other tooth too. He said, they would have to graph skin over the area since my sinus dipped down between the roots of my teeth. I said I would think about it and would call him the next day. After I left his office I called an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. He said it sounded like infected sinsus. He sent me straight to get an exray and told me on my cell phone to stop and get some ACTIFED. I think I took less than 8 pills and the pain was gone. I just had a 3 root molar removed that didn't even have a caviety in it. Some Doctors got rich and I got poorer, surgury, office visits and a missing very missed nerves in a healthy tooth. Had I not thought to myself to check out other avenues for help, I would have been in worse pain and bills. You can't sue them for being trained in a particlur field, such as denistry, because they were not trained in Ear Nose and Throat issues. I hope this information helps you and I hope you read it. I will be praying for you, and I wish you well.

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