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Monday, 10 July 2006


just a girl

I'm here because you are another weird ass Canadian who is very entertaining :)


And that is an excellent, perfectly acceptable reason...


the cool kids comment made me laugh aloud. (not laugh OUT loud.)


I'm not a cool kid, but I like to come here anyhow. :)

I didn't realize you had a Riley photo somewhere around here. Yummy. But I'm more of an Angel Stalker, so you can have him. Never realized the amount of Buffyish things you referenced on here, just clicking. Sue me, I'm not the brightest bulb, ok?
No wonder I think you're awesome, your love of Joss Whedon shows makes you an amazing person! :)


I must admit that at the beginning I did not like your blog at all (for personal reasons), but for a few months I simply found myself reading it every morning at the office (shame on me, instead of working, but this is the only place I have acces to the Internet) and smiling. Your office reminds me so much of my former workplace, where I had my Ferengi, the New Chick, etc. My boyfriend does not think much of blogging but he liked some of your posts.
Best wishes from an office in Budapest.


ohmygod, how would I know whether I'm a crazyinsanesuperpsychobitch intent on stalking my ex-boyfriend? Oh jeez, a whole new category of things to worry about.
I was always a Spike fan. Oh sweet hot blood-lusting yes please ma'am.


Jerk: You can laugh out loud, you just can't... you know...

cat: Congrats on the boobs.

Csilla: You want to hang out here, you play by my rules. #1. You address your comments to me, not him. #2. You sign all your comments with the same name. #3. You stop trying to garner my sympathy.

Astra: You can stalk your exboyfriend if you want, I'll only object if you use me as your tool. And hot-blood-lust... Mmm... Well... Hmm... Sorry. What was the question?

Fade To Numb

What if I think you're dreamy and I'm stalking YOU? Is that acceptable?

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