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Monday, 27 February 2006



Gotta love the term "Walmartization".


That Horton's thing is so weird. You know they have them in Michigan now.


Lisa, I went to a Tim's in Ann Arbor, MI, and was quite pleasantly surprised to find it there.

the girl in camouflage

I miss the Timmy's that was in the Michigan League Building. I'd get soup there like 3 times a week in college (in Ann Arbor as well). I also miss the ones in the service centers on the 401. That Cafe Mocha, yum.


I saw a Tim after check-in through the scan-gates at Vancouver Airport, so I thought I'd go for some last moment Canadianity, turns out it was only on the national-flights side and you couldn't get there, just see it through the international side's windows.

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