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Saturday, 18 February 2006



at least its not manitoba, where in my friends city (portage la prairie.. about an hour outside of winnipeg) it was -47 degrees, with severe windchill, and that was only Friday.. holy crap.


To be honest, we weren't so freakin' cold until you dropped by. Friday morning we were up to 6C and then it dropped in the afternoon.

Coincidence? I think not, yo.


What an awesome picture. Sorry it is so cold there, at least spring is around the corner, right?


Don't forget the lawyer favorite closing:

"I look forward to your anticipated cooperation."


Sars, this weekend I was at home [about 45 minutes west on Montreal], and got frostbite at four in the afternoon, on my ear. Eventhough there was toque-protection.

H-agreed: too bloody cold. But winter in Canada is great!


I've been "advising" my mother for decades but she refuses to pay any attention at all.


Forget about the cold, what about all the ice on the roads?

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