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Tuesday, 14 February 2006


just a girl

'A mad, ugly admirer'...who likes stuffed animals!


Maybe Rhys saw you at the airport too, and hired some private investigators...?

Interesting development.


Are you still alive? Hello?


At least the envelope had a stamp on it... that way you can be fairly sure it wasn't HAND DELIVERED into your mailbox. Cause that would be freaky.


Teehee. Elmo rocks.

Happy Valentine's Day, Sars. May all your organic chocolate fantasies come true. Um, err... yeah.


JaG: Or who thinks I do. Either way, sounds sort of creepy, no?

Kelly: I like the way you think.

Andras: For the moment.

Andras again: See that's the thing... It has a stamp, but no postmark. So either the post office screwed up and forgot to claim their money, or else it was hand-delivered by somebody who wanted me to think it came in the post.

Rachel: Gack! I don't do Valentine's Day. Blech.

just a girl

Creepy yes!! I was thinking of someone who's a plushy or furvert. Ergh.


JaG: A plushy! Ha! My mind hadn't yet strolled off in that direction. Excellent suggestion.


oh admirer.. my uncle works for the post office, and says sometimes they don't stamp the stamps with the black ink, but some ultraviolet crap.. to make people feel dumb when they re use the stamp and get the letter back with a sticker on it that says "this is not valid postage", ya.. happened to a friend of a friend of mine..

on a side note: thanks to CSI i know what plushies are :)


Oh, just enjoy it for once!

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