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Wednesday, 15 February 2006



Congrats. I think.


Would it be unprofessional to suggest he fire the people who have a problem with your personality, instead?


I also teach courses in tact and diplomacy, and I'm looking for a reason to move to Canada.


I think it's a safe bet your boss has a crush on you. However many 'eeeeew'-s this will engender... In essence, what he just did is the following:
"You grate on people. You grate on me. Now grate on me some more. Please."

ps: Hahaha (evil cackle)


Holy shit, your boss was the hand delivered that valentine to your house! FREAKY!


KtP: [shrug]

CBK: Yes.

Putnawa: Dude, if you could successfully teach me that, I'd marry you. I wouldn't even care that you were gay.

Andras: No 'eeew'. Just 'um... no'.

Andras: If he were going to do that, he'd have to get Bridget to do it for him. And I know it wasn't her, since the card and envelope were spelled properly.


To quote you who quoted your boss: "which brings me to my dilemma: do I pay you based on your performance or based on the countless hours I waste listening to people complain about your attitude?". The outcome plainly states which one your boss values more. The 1/2 rant sounds to me like a little slap on the wrist, like he is saying: "You are crossing the line here. Tone it down or we'll do something about it".


oh my god, you just had the professional equivalent of "we need to talk". Where the guy goes on and on how he wants to marry someone LIKE you but NOT you and you assume he's going to break up with you and then he says Want to meet my parents this weekend? Fucktards. All of them.


Hmm....look at it as a challenge. Instead of just trying to change your personality, figure out how to rearrange what you say to people.

In essence, you want to say what you mean in terms and with a tone of voice that is extremely businesslike, while slamming them in a really unobtrusive way.....

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