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Friday, 06 March 2009



I was in the same situation... so I left the company. There was no way to change that image... and I didn't care enough to battle. So I took my experience and went to another company who wouldn't have the historical reference.


Can you do that at the mo? Can you just leave them? B/c you really deserve to be somewhere better. Somewhere where people recognise that you are kinda smart

just a girl

There is nothing like being appreciated.

That sucks especially since it basically makes you feel like you are worth nothing to them. Bah. If you can find something else worth the risk (ack! recession!) it might be time to move along.


If I knew you better/at all, I would be sending you job postings that related to your field, and ensured proper acknowledgement of not only your experience but also your dedication and abilities.

But I don't... so instead I'll sit here and gawk at the screen and mutter things like "unbelievable!"

You blanking deserve better than that.


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