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Thursday, 27 November 2008


just a girl

Why is it so hard for guys to get it through their heads that you never ask a woman about a pregnancy unless the woman first brings it up?!

Not that there aren't women who are just as stupid...

lisa the knitter

oh no, mom hair!! I get that like every other haircut, and it always sucks.

Also, the fact that slim you were asked whether you are pregnant sort of makes me feel better about all the times I've been asked about my baby.

And man I HATE when people tell me I look tired. Gr, I'm getting angry just writing this.


Your posts were read from latest to older... and all I can say is

Boom de ya da, boom de ya da!

Also: your boss may have said that because he wasn't the one to come up with the idea. Which makes him look ineffecient, etc.

Your hair'll grow. And Moms are cool now, didn't you know? (Just please don't get mom jeans... http://www.findinternettv.com/Video,item,2556712099.aspx )



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