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Thursday, 21 August 2008



urgh, i hate when the boyfriends of friends ruin everything. it happens more often than you'd think.


What? That is complete bollocks.


That's MAN logic.

Toronto is a pretty small city, you know. It's hard to avoid those ex-boyfriends of friends from different cities.

(Current BF needs to be turfed.)

Scaramouche Jones

Hmm, having had pretty much every girl I've ever dated cheat on me with their ex, I can see what he's saying. Sometimes it all comes down to what's happened before.

Scaramouche Jones

Not that I wouldn't "allow" something like this - not my place to allow or not allow, we're all our own people.

just a girl



Gaaaagh... why don't we have a female friends equivalent of 'Bro's before ho's'?
That bf needs to go. He's just a stalker in waiting.


In all honesty, her ex is like crack and she's a recovering addict. He's bad news and she really does need to stay far, far away from him.

But this isn't about honesty; it's about ME!


Astra: We do have a female version: "chicks before dicks".

but ya, thats balls ... i sympathize sars.


Think the best friend needs some blame as well for not standing up for herself..... there is such a thing as payback (if she cant visit her friend, he cant visit his). Doesnt matter about cities.... if its such an issue for him, he'll be willing to do teh same.

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