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Tuesday, 26 February 2008



No! Don't tell me the station, nor the time. There is no need to see any combination of the three...



What show??


I really need to know the name of that show, please.


Is that the new Three's Company remake?


does this mean you started to watch it? It's called Being Human, on BBC3.


Argh! BBC3? How do you get to watch BBC3? That means it'll be about two years before BBC Canada gets it, and only then if Justin and Colin are guest stars.


It's easy to get BBC3. I live in England :P I love bbc.co.uk they have the iplayer which replays all the shows from each BBC. I don't know if it works internationally.
It's so sad the amount of british stuff in Canada, there is so much more that you just can't see! I recommend Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Simon Amstell, Russell Brand and my new favourite, the Mighty Boosh. Although I heard it's now available on BBC Kids. Sun at 11, check it out.


Sadly, Anne, the BBC iplayer does not work internationally.


Double argh...it's because I didn't look at the title of the post - I thought Sars had started watching it and I know she's in Canada. AND...I always wondered how she got to see Torchwood before those of us on the west coast. (And I don't just mean four hours before).


I am sad that the iplayer doesn't work internationally. That means I won't be able to watch bbc3 anymore when I am forced to return :(

Started watching a new show, Gavin and Stacey. It's good.

Oh! And Russell Brand is about to hit North America. Beware! Actually, I like him in small doses. He's in Apatow's new film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, written by Jason Siegal. I want to see it.


English guy is Russell. Although he seems normal in this one. And not overly insane.


I LOVED Gavin and Stacey!


I have only seen two episodes, but it's good. I like how when it starts to get sickingly sweet, it turns bizaare. Like the train scene when the bomb team shows up.

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