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Thursday, 07 February 2008



That's great news about the Ferengi, but I feel like I've missed something important somewhere. I thought she could do no wrong?


Call in Mike Holmes! (Too, I know a great plumber... his rates are low because he wants to build a customer base. Seriously! ...if you don't already have one, that is.)

And: na na na na, na na na naaa, hey hey heeeyyyy goooood byyyyyye. So long Ferengi!


Christy: The Ferengi? No. The Bossman's been telling me he was going to fire her since my first-ever interview with him more than four years ago. This is just the first time it's gone past the talking-about-it stage.

Kelly: I'll e-mail you.


Wow! I thought they would never get rid of her b/c it's been nothing but "we will" for years. Huh.

That sucks about the bathroom. Does that mean you're all using the euro one upstairs? You know, you could all fit in there at one go and save on water...would be interesting.

And by the way, did you watch torchwood last night?

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