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Sunday, 04 September 2011


No sex is better than bad sex. His constant remarks about your weight are not funny and are slowly eroding away your self-esteem. I'd bet that a good part of the sexual issues dealing with penetration stem from you not feeling safe and secure enough with HIM to fully relax and open up. When you meet the man who IS totally sexually attracted to you, you'll truly realize how wrong and unhealthy this situation is for you.

From a once 30-year old virgin to another.

I prefer heaver women. I cringe every time I hear some woman talking about losing weight. I have grown to love being able to feel some extra fat around a woman's waist. I am not the only one out here...

So... as a Christian... you're down to letting guys take advantage of you... then you complain when it doesn't go so well...

Could have been so much better with a REAL MAN that would've really loved and cared for you and respected your Christian values....
Instead you let him enter you..

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