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Tuesday, 15 August 2006


Your decision to keep your virginity is a personal choice. There is nothing to be ashamed of. A person's decision on whether or not to have sexual relations is a highly personal decision and should be respected.
In fact, you should be commended for resisting what I am sure has been tremendous pressure from people you have been dating.
The time will come when you will decide to hve sex. It may be after marriage or it may be sooner. But it should be our decision.

And what is your homework, dear?

After spending the time with the guy I've come to the conclusion I'm just an average type girl; not a stunner and not a dog face either.

I am concerned in the personality department. I may be too boring. I have friends like crazy but the guys are few and far between.

I am so in love with your blog. Really. I'm a 28 year old virgin female and you made me feel like less of an outcast. As for this post, I know I'm okay looking, that is not my problem. I've just got emotional issues the size of Montana. :)

But, thanks for blogging :)

I don't know if I'm ugly and no-one's told me. Perhaps we could have a virgin photo gallery on here to quash the myth that virgins are necessarily ugly and that'd be a good idea I think. I can't honestly say I can go out and walk about gracefully as I have a very low confidence threshold I'm afraid so can't tell.

So I'm not alone.

No, you're not. Just feels that way.

I'm a 28 year old man and still a virgin, heck, I've never had a long term relationship. I'm not bad looking, I'm 6 foot, fit looking, and people say I look like Matt Perry from Friends in a way.

I'm afraid at 28 that it's too late and that I've missed out by not having sex and having long-term relationships. I see guys wtih cute girls and think, "what am I doing wrong?"

Tom: Thanks for not getting it.

Katey: I practise this all the time.

J: If indeed you are as boring as you say (of which I'm unconvinced), that may make it harder to find the one. But only because you're both at home not meeting each other, not because he doesn't exist.

Katie: You are a freak. The trick is understanding that everybody else is too.

Mark: That was the point. If you don't have the confidence, PRETEND you do. And if you're worried about running in to people you know during the exercise, then try it somewhere you don't normally go.

Matt: Did you try the little exercise?

hey, im 22 and a half and still a virgin, ive never had a relationship last longer than a month. What makes this whole situation worse is that i have had many chances to lose my virginity but i get so nervous about performing that i have never been able to get it up. I think that makes my situation worse cause i have had the chances but never successfully performed.

I haven't done the little exercise because fear takes hold of me and I'm afraid of looking like a goof. Perhaps it's because I've been on my own too much but I'll have to do it sooner or later. Matt, that's what I think sometimes and I'm scared. I'm going to feel even more worse as I get older and I'm dreading it then.

i dont think beauty has anything to do with losing virginity. some people wont care about the person from whom they are taking it from. so nothing really is wrong.

24 1/2 female black living in the london still a virgin. no one finds my look attractive. i cry everysingle day almost a decade of searching for someone. i wish that i was not african cos that would make it so much easier. i really look different and just can't see any descent man looking at me i think i'm really am just to ugly as i have also never been kissed

I'm 31 and still a virgin. I developed really early and have always had body issues because of it. My body didn't feel like it was mine. Too many comments and inappropriate gestures from my friends's dads or older brothers. The price of having a
woman's body at twelve. I think I gained weight to protect myself from all the unwanted attention. When I was finally tired of being fat I lost the weight and started getting pawed by my friend's boyfriends. Then I was assaulted and almost raped by a stranger the month before I went to college. I am not making this up. I was kinda drunk and he said he had a cool tattoo he wanted to show me. I have one. I figured why not?

I put the weight back on and college just flew by. I had lots of friends who were guys and a few crushes. But nothing sexual.
I was too scared.

But when I got into my twenties I met great guys, but either they were only looking for hookups or if I was attracted to them I was too scared to hook up with them because I thought it would hurt too much or they would somehow know I was a virgin or I would get date raped.

I'm sorry I know this isn't a dump all your emotional baggage site. I just really want to be brave enough to go after these great guys I meet. Any advice?
I think I'm ready now.

Thank you for your blog. I am also a 28 (almost 29) year old virgin. I'm really good at relationships. In fact I've been living with my boyfriend for 6 years now. I promise you he's not gay. We've never had sex and I intend to keep it that way until I'm married! What ever happened to being old-fashioned!


I would just like to say Im 18 and still virgin. Being a virgin is the most devastating thing .

i will never look at a women as i use to when i was younger.
because now i know they have all been doinked and have pleased another man. so i will not have sex with anyone unless there virgin and there is no virgins so my future is to be virgin forever.

i especially hate the guys at work talk about there wifes or girlfriends. whenever i get asked about sex i usually have nothing to say so i make lies up i lie to everyone i know about this matter.

life has been getting rough lately
from when i wake up that thought is just there and i only go through the day sad about it.

too all who think being a virgin is being pathetic. PULEEZE. why aren't you thankful to be a virgin? my friend got raped when she turned into a teenager...i'm sure in her twenties or whatever, had this not happened, she wouldn't have issues with her dates, and she would have liked to stay a virgin instead of being mauled by a man 3 x her age. Please consider your perspectives. I'm proud to have waited what would be considered dinosaur decades to the newer generation, because chances are, the earlier you give it away, the less meaning it will have, and the sooner that relationship will be over. if it even is a relationship. if you've already lost it, whatever, i hope you find someone who loves you. if you haven't, there's nothing to be ashamed of for holding out.

I was raped at 13, so not an actual virgin but I sort of consider myself one because no other man has ever looked at me other thogh ago but my kids need me...

I'd kill myself if my kids didn't need me...The only man who ever wanted me was my rapist...A lot have men have told me to feel lucky because I'm that gross... It's because I'm tall!!!! Imagine the agony!!!

To the last comment, tall is elegance and grateful. You are the beautiful swan. I can relate so much. In my 3os and I look young. I am proud. I developed early too and have been leered at, touched, groped, nearly raped. Men are scary creatures. Men are out of my league and me theirs. I am scared of men, fear them and hate being touched. I have come a long way. Before I could not even look at a man in the eye or walk past one. Now I can. I hate bullying and hate being bullied into relaxing.

There is nothing wrong with morals and common sense. It is lacking in today's society. It tells me if you are virgin you are a decent person who is strong and moral. You are not conforming to peer pressure. It is more common than you think. Honestly it won't happen for me because I am not into sex at all and hate being touched by anyone.

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