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Friday, 28 July 2006


I know several women who own their own properties and the message certainly isn't "I don't need a man", it's simply "I don't need to live with a man". Who is threatened by that? I still get asked to clean the eaves and prune the trees.

I wouldn't say that's intimidating to me. A friend of mine met someone online and is living with her now. She has her own mortgaged 3-bedroom house and he was living with his family before he moved in with her. He earns his quota and so does she. All I can guess is you're going for powerful men who are leader.

I'd just like to say a very nice frontend to your title page I must say and keep up the good work. I appreciate your sharing your experiences with us and if it weren't for you as well as the Internet then I'm sure I'd feel a lot worse than I do now. I wish you all the best for your new home and surroundings when happens

I don't own a house but i do own my little apartment. I'm not sure, if there's a difference. However, several guys have told me that it's what they like in a girl, if she can take care of her own life and not rely so much on men. That it makes her independent and makes that is sexy. I need men for other reasons. I need them to come and stay with me in my place and hold me in their arms and care for me in all the other ways.

Nah, I don't think that would put off most guys. Buy away. :)

"Buy away. :)"

buy anyway!

Hey, nice header graphic.

After you buy the house, we're all coming to stay with you. And you won't be able to get us to leave.

I bought my first place just as my BF and I were just getting serious.

I didn't care, and he brags about me all the time, about my career, about me buying my first place all by myself at 23 yrs old...

He is needed, in other ways...he brought his crew in and helped me move, painted the whole place, helps fix things when they break, etc.

I agree that men like to be needed, but they also respect a woman who can take care of herself and will most likely not be a burden.

Guess it all depends on the guy...

Congrats on your first purchase!!

I am a single woman who bought her first house about a year ago. I can attest to the fact that once you buy a house, you need a man more than ever.

I need someone to change my lightbulbs, scoop up the dead mice on my patio and go into the attic to see what that noise is.

Buying a house made me long to be married.

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