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Wednesday, 09 November 2005


Oh, dear. What a crappy day all around.

As for gmail...someone with gmail needs to invite you. I know someone who may have an invite; lemme know if you want me to contact them.

Ahh, one of those days, couldnt get any worse though, so hang in there.

Give me your email address so that i can invite you to gmail? I am a user and have quite a few invites.

Ta-ra for now.

Geez, I've got gmail invites out the wazoo. You can have about 70 of them if you'd like. There used to be some spooling sites that take invites and distribute them, if they are still around.

Sorry to hear about Beandog... he's a fine-looking mammal, IBS and all.

Thank you all. Christy the Lurker e-mailed me an invite, so I'm all set up. I'm working on adding a link to the site, but I'm a bit distracted.

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